Once every four years, everyone gets an extra day for free.

Today, we used ours to meet and photograph 24 new people in central London.

This is our extra day: a creative project started and delivered on 29th February, 2012.

Chris has just finished his first week as a porter at a five star hotel. Last week he met Kanye West but he doesn’t really care about that stuff. He’s saving up money to be a DJ.

Ben works in post-production. His current project is a top secret feature film. He worked on the last Harry Potter movie but didn’t get to touch the BAFTA they won. He’s only been growing his beard since last November.

Elena's from Madrid. She manages a bar and works until 7am three or four nights a week. She talks to people in America more than she talks to people here. She feels like she's constantly jet lagged.

Rachid’s from Algeria. He’s a chef at Yo Sushi and doesn't understand how anyone could not like sushi. He's been in London for ten years and lives alone. He thought we were crazy.

Tony was born in Glasgow and manages the Cheap Monday store on Carnaby Street. He likes going to Copenhagen because the people there are so friendly.